Pharmacists Gear Up to Join the Fight Against TB

December 2016, Chennai: REACH Pharmacy Initiative organised two sensitization workshops for pharmacists, to familiarize them with the issues surrounding TB. The workshops saw the participation of representatives of about 150 pharmacies from two zones in Chennai, who were educated on the role of pharmacists in preventing and treating Tuberculosis.

A pre-assessment survey was conducted to understand the information requirement of the participants and the sessions were tailored to fit the indicated needs.

During the sessions, pharmacists were provided Tuberculosis facts and current TB statistics. The trainers also held discussions on the importance and use of communication materials, highlighted the role of government healthcare facilities, and collected consent forms from pharmacists willing to participate in the initiative.

These training sessions were also used as an opportunity to collect feedback from the pharmacists about the initiative, as well as to receive inputs on areas to further extend the initiative.