TB Facts

Let’s get the basics right. These are the ten essential facts about tuberculosis that each of us should know. These are also the ten essential facts that we shouldn’t hesitate to share with others. So do read and do tell others!

  • TB is an infectious disease caused by Bacteria .
  • TB is not hereditary. It does not pass from parent to child or in any genetic manner.
  • Most people in India are infected with TB bacteria but only a few will get the disease.
  • TB spreads through the air when a Pulmonary TB patient coughs or sneezes .
  • A cough of two weeks or more should be investigated for TB as early as possible.
  • Sputum microscopy examination is the best method of diagnosis.
  • TB is completely curable.
  • Regular treatment with high quality drugs under DOTS can definitely cure TB.
  • Improper or discontinued treatment can lead to a drug-resistant form of TB – MDR-TB.
  • All services under RNTCP (Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme) are free.